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Press release on details of ‘Deal of Century’

24 June, 19

Commenting on the economic part of the “Deal of the Century” revealed by Kushner, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Bahoum stated the following:

The economic details of the “Deal of the Century” revealed by Kushner aim at targeting the Palestinian cause and Palestinian people’s rights in a cheap exchange for money and economic projects.  

 We realise the repercussion of this US plans and the attempts of some to promote it in a bid to pass it to liquidate the Palestinian cause through the economic aspect and politically-motivated funds.

The Palestinian people will face off these schemes and projects and will never allow such suspicious plans to pass.

We call on all Arab states not to participate in the ill-fated Bahrain conference and take into consideration the unified Palestinian position against the Bahrain summit to seriously.

Fawzi Barhoum

June 23, 2019 


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