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US is complicit in Israeli aggression against Palestinians, Hamas spokesperson says

24 June, 19

Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson
Hazem Qasem, Hamas spokesperson

With its plans targeting the Palestinian people and cause, the US administration is involved in Israeli aggression against the Palestinian rights, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem said.

In a press release, Qasem reiterated that the Palestinian people would never allow the “Deal of the Century” or the outcomes of the Bahrain conference to be enforced.

“The Palestinian people will never sell their rights for all the money in the world, yet they will sell their souls for their freedom, return to their homeland, and holy sites,” Qasem stressed. 

Announcing a general strike on June 25, Qasem said that the Palestinian people would take part in national and popular rallies and activities to protest the Bahrain “economic workshop.”

Qasem noted that the broad rejection of the US deal proved that the Palestinian people would uphold their rights and continue their struggle to restore their claim to their lands and holy sites.


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