Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Lebanon measures against Palestinian refugees

15 July, 19

Commenting on Lebanese Labour Ministry’s move to close Palestinian businesses, a senior Hamas official in Lebanon stated the following:  

First: We reject any decision or measure to shut down businesses owned by Palestinian refugees, impose restrictions on Palestinian labourers, and ban them from working.

Second: We call on the Lebanese authority to stop all these measures and reopen the Palestinian businesses shut down by the authorities.

Third: We hold the sides standing behind these arbitrary and unjust measures fully responsible for these decisions that target the dignity and rights of Palestinian refugees and will lead to social tensions. We stress that we will not accept any threat to the lives of Palestinian refugees and will foil the ‘slow killing policy’.  

Fourth: Hamas holds the sides imposing restrictions on the sources of income for Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon responsible for the political, social, and humanitarian repercussions of these decisions.

Fifth: These measures are not in favour of Palestinian-Lebanese relations. On the contrary, such decisions severe the interests of the “deal of the century”, aimed at liquidating the Palestinian refugee issue.      

Hamas Movement

July 15, 2019


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