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Press release on Israeli arrest of Palestinian lady Ala’a Basheer after being released by PA

25 July, 19

Press release
Press release

Commenting on the arrest of Palestinian lady Ala’a Basheer after being released by the Palestinian Authority security forces, Hamas official Abdulrahman Shadeed stated the following:

The detention of Ala’a Basheer after being released from the PA’s jails is a clue on the ‘rotary door policy’ and the continuation of the PA security collaboration with the Israeli occupation. Indeed, these policies are rejected by all the Palestinian people.

We demand to stop political arrests immediately and completely. Hamas stresses that arresting Palestinians because of their political background or resistance activity against the Israeli occupation has been criminalised by all the Palestinian people. This unilateral policy poses a question: Who is the beneficiary at the end?

Ala’a was re-arrested after being released upon a judicial verdict. This fact highlights that the PA’s violations against the Palestinian judicial system. It also reflects that judiciary is no longer able to protect the Palestinian people and their rights. For example, Ala’a had been kept in detention for 73 days without a charge.

We call on human rights organisations and the Palestinian factions to take a unified position against the political arrest policy, especially arresting women. They must condemn all forms of security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and develop a national document to denounce chasing Palestinians due to their political backgrounds or resistance activities.

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July 25, 2019


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