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Hamas student wing wins Birzeit University election

28 April, 16


Hamas’s student wing, The Islamic bloc, has won student council election in the West Bank University of Birzeit, securing 25 out of 51 seats, while Fatah and the PFLP shared the remaining seats.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Hamas hailed the victory and thanked the students who renewed their support to the Movement’s student wing for the second year in row.

“This victory demonstrates people's support for the Jerusalem intifada and their allegiance to path of resistance.” The statement highlighted.

“It also showcases Hamas's popularity against all challenges.” The Movement further underlined, noting that the victory came despite the PA and Israeli daily arrests and direct targeting of Hamas and Islamic Bloc cadres.

The statement praised the Birzeit university management for setting the stage for succesful elections, adding that elected Islamic Bloc members will dedicate all respurces to benefit students and the university. 


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