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Hamas documents Israeli, PA violations against Palestinians in September

06 October, 16


The Hamas Information Office has issued a report documenting Israeli and Palestinian Authority violations against Palestinians during September 2016.

According to the report, the Israeli occupation forces "IOF" had killed 11 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip last month, while over the same period it had arrested 374 Palestinians, including 32 minors, 29 freed ex-prisoners, and 3 women.

Israeli forces had also knocked down 13 Palestinian houses and a restaurant as well as 13 agricultural and industrial facilities and 7 water wells.

In addition, Israeli Occupation Authorities had in September approved the construction of 1593 housing units in illegal settlements erected on occupied Palestinian lands in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The report further documented 31 cases of arbitrary arrests by the PA security forces targeting Hamas and pro-resistance activists, while 11 others were summoned for interrogation over political backgrounds.

PA security members had also killed the Palestinian young man Diya Araisheh from Nablus.


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