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Mishal: Hamas launches a document to preserve its ideology

20 February, 17


The head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Khaled Mishal said in a televised speech last week at a Palestinian conference held by Al Zaitona's Centre in Beirut, that the resistance is deeply rooted in every Palestinian soul.

He called for redefining the Palestinian national project and to reach a consensus on a national strategy that can reunite all Palestinian powers to stand behind the resistance's project.

Mishal commented on the latest election of Yahia Sinwar as a new Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip by saying that this is a testimony to the democracy in the Islamic Movement, noting that Hamas's bylaws do not allow any figure to take the position of chairman for more than two terms.

He noted that Hamas is currently working on a document which outlines the movement's ideology and its political heritage, and which is due to be released in the few coming weeks as a contribution from Hamas in the national Palestinian project.

Mishal reiterated his stance regarding Oslo Accords and its dangerous ramifications on the Palestinian cause, urging the Palestinian leadership to relinquish it.

Regarding the internal Palestinian split, Mishal added that everyone needs to realize the importance of the national partnership to end the division.

He noted that Hamas has succeeded in preserving the Palestinian struggle regardless of pressure and extortion.

Mishal concluded by stressing the need for opening new horizons ahead to reorganize the Palestinian home.



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