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Al- Zahar: We will never abandon our prisoners

13 March, 17

The member at the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Mahmoud Al-Zahar said that Hamas will never abandon the Palestinian prisoners including the members of the Palestinian Parliament who are detained inside the Israeli prisons.

Al-Zahar added during a protest that was held in front of the Palestinian Parliament that they have given a pledge not to forget their imprisoned colleagues at the Israeli prisons, noting that they will continue to protest in expression of their anger over the frequent incarceration of their West Bankers colleagues.

He condemned the worldwide silence over the persistent Israeli policy of detaining members of the Palestinian Parliament.

Al-Zahar pointed out that arresting the members of the Palestinian Parliament is a blatant violation of the universal rights, urging the world legislative blocs to intervene in order to free Samira Halaiqa, the female member at the Palestinian Parliament who was detained during the International Woman Day.

In this respect, Al-Zahar noted that the Palestinian resistance should be activated on every inch of the Palestinian land to expel the Israeli Occupation.       


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