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Hamas launches its new Political Document

01 May, 17


The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas,  launched its Political Document " General Principles and Policies " on Monday at a press conference in the Qatari capital of Doha.

The document was announced at a press conference held by Hamas politburo chief,  Khaled Mashaal, with a number of leaders of the movement, in the presence of  elite writers, media outlets and researchers.

The 42 article document carries the essence of the Movement's thought and political legacy for 30 years now.

Hamas said in its document that it is an Islamic Palestinian national liberation movement aimed at liberating Palestine and confronting the Zionist project, indicating that Islam is a reference in its principles, objectives and means.

The movement renewed its rejection of all projects aimed at settling the refugee issue, stressing that the right of return for Palestinian refugees is a natural right.

It also stressed that not an inch of Palestinian land will be handed over, indicating that the establishment of a state on the lines of 1967 does not mean the recognition of the Zionist entity.

English PDF file of the official Hamas Political Document is here

Arabic PDF file of the official Hamas Political Document is here




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