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Press Release issued by Hamas concerning the speech of US President Trump in Al Riyadh

22 May, 17

 We, in the Islamic Resistance Movement “ Hamas, strongly condemn the claims of the American President , Donald Trump, in front of the Arab and Muslim kings and leaders in which he included Hamas in his list of terrorism and denied the right of the Palestinian people to resist.

We denounce Trump’s insulting words in which he likened the relationship  between Jerusalem and Judaism    to  the one between Saudi Arabia and Islam. This is very serious statement  made by Trump  and it is something   which neither he nor anyone else has the right to propose.  No one has the right in the land of Palestine except  Arabs and Muslims.

Trump’s message to the Arab nation is a bad one where the values and concepts have  been distorted. This is a  hostile message aiming to  split the Islamic nation  while ignoring the Israeli crimes of killing children and destroying homes over  the civilians’ heads.  This is a speech biased  towards  the Israeli enemy and his blatant aggression against Islamic and Christian holy places. This is something which  requires us as Arabs and Muslims to be cautious of and to unite  to  counter  the expected terrorism  by the Trump  administration targeted  at theArab and Islamic region for the purpose of  political, economic and financial blackmailing.


The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"

21st of May, 2017


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