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Haniya condemns Israeli piracy against Freedom Flotilla 3

29 June, 15


Vice Chairman of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haniya condemned Monday the Israeli piracy against Freedom Flotilla 3 seeking to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza strip.

Haniya stated that such piracy highlights the Israeli policy of violation of the International law, and reflects the Israeli terrorism that prevents freedom of sailing to and from the Strip.

Haniya slammed the Israeli interception of prominent figures participating in Freedom Flotilla 3, including the former Tunisian President Moncef Al-Marzouki, stressing that such Israeli act breaches diplomatic and international norms.

Haniya praised Al-Marzouki as a defender of the Arab Spring and Arab revolutions that support the Palestinian cause.

He praised also activists as well as international, parliamentary, media and foreign figures who participate in Freedom Flotilla 3, pointing out that their message has been delivered.

Haniya added that the fleet of Freedom Flotilla 3 exposed the Israeli occupation, and got the Israeli siege on Gaza back to the front of international attention. 


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