Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release condemning Saudi ambassador's remarks

14 July, 17

In the name of Allah the most Merciful

Press Statement

Issued by the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"

Commenting on the remarks of the Saudi ambassador in Algeria, "Sami al-Saleh"

We in the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hama, strongly condemn the remarks issued by the Saudi ambassador in Algeria, Sami al-Saleh,  which incite against the movement and describe it as a terror organization.  We consider these allegations  alien to the values ​​and principles Arab and Islamic nations behold. We further emphasize on the movement’s legitimate rights and principles of using armed resistance to defend the people of Palestine and regain their basic rights.

We are shocked by the statements made by the Saudi ambassador from the heart of Algeria, a country which is devoted to  and fully supports the Palestinians. Accordingly, we call on the brothers in Saudi Arabia to stop these offensive statements that degrade the Kingdom’s honourable position and history in supporting the Palestinian people.  

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas"

13 July 2017


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