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El Hayyah calls for closing the Israeli embassies in Arab countries

21 July, 17

The member of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Khalil Al Hayyah, called upon the leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries to close the Israeli embassies in their countries in response to the Israeli violations against Al Aqsa Mosque.

In his speech during  Al Aqsa marches in Gaza city Friday, Al Hayyah stated that these demonstrations send a clear message to the  Israeli  Occupation that the Arab and Islamic people do not accept normalizing the relations.

He called upon  the Palestinian Authority to stop security collaboration with the occupation and urged the youth in the occupied West Bank to rebel against the enemy and its hostile measures.

Al Hayyah also pointed out the Israeli Occupation is trying to impose a new reality in Jerusalem and to take control over Al Aqsa Mosque adding “Cameras and electronic gates are not accepted.”

Al Hayyah asserted that the Israeli enemy thinks that the current problems across the Arab and Islamic nations  will  enable it to pass its plots. However, it fails to understand   that the spark of the revolution of the Islamic and Arab nations starts from Al Aqsa Mosque. 


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