Hamas Politbureau Vice President: We’re willing to make more concessions

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Deputy head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", Saleh Aarouri, said that the movement is ready to make further concessions in order to reach understandings that would achieve the reconciliation, provided that it does not contradict the principles of the movement and the Palestinian cause.

 Al-Arouri said in an interview with Al-Jazeera on Wednesday that the resistance file is a red line and that Hamas will not recognize Israel, neither now nor in the future.

"Israel’s conditions for the Palestinian reconciliation have not been discussed in the talks and the Palestinian people will accept such conditions; the reconciliation is solely an internal Palestinian affair.

"We in Hamas are free from any pressures, relations or negative influences on the subject of reconciliation, and we do not accept any opposite direction against them," he said.

 Relationship with Qatar

 He pointed out that the media and Arab parties are trying to sabotage the relationship between  Hamas  and Qatar through accusations that Doha stands against the Palestinian reconciliation. He  addedthat Qatar supports the Palestinian reconciliation regardless of where it is accomplished; whether in Egypt or other countries.

 He stressed the strong relations between the movement and Qatar, and that a delegation of the movement visited Doha several times, and informed officials of the developments of reconciliation and the Palestinian situation, and denied the making of any statement by any official in Hamas against Qatar, especially from the people of Gaza who receive continuous Qatari support.

Future Strategy

 As for Hamas's  future strategy, Al-Arouri said that Hamas’s strategy is a political one which aims to achieve reconciliation and the arrangement of the Palestinian house on solid foundations through the holding of legislative and presidential elections, a national council and the reconstruction of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

 "We are not a terrorist movement as designated by the international community; We are a movement resisting the occupation," he said.

 Relationship with Dahlan

On the meeting between Hamas and Mohammed Dahlan in Cairo, the deputy head of the Hamas political bureau said that the meeting had a humanitarian and social dimension in the framework of a gradual transition to end the division that took place in Gaza, stressing that Hamas has no intention of introducing Dahlan to replace President Mahmoud Abbas, nor  to conspire against the Fatah movement.

“The two sides have overcome these differences on the basis of support for the Palestinian cause and adherence to the option of resistance and its weapons”.