Haniyeh: Resistance weapons are our honour, disarming them is a betrayal

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Head of Hamas’s political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, said that the weapons of the resistance are the Palestinian’s  honour and disarming them is a betrayal to the cause, calling on the Palestinian Authority in the same context to end security collaboration  with the Israel Occupation.

During a funeral ceremony held for the martyrs who were murdered inside a resistance tunnel by Israeli airstrikes in Khan Yunis on Monday, Haniyeh said that the resistance,its weapons, capabilities, assets and heritage are red lines that can’t be crossed, pointing out that the resistance factions in Gaza have one clear strategy and that is  the liberation of Palestine.

He stressed that the path of the martyrs will remain an enduring  legacy for every oppressed Palestinian till they regain the basics of their rights and live in prosperity and peace without the ruthless Israeli Occupation.   

Obfuscation of matters

Hamas’s chief leader also reiterated that Israel is gravely mistaken if it was to believe that attacking resistance fighters during a ceasefire will reshuffle the priorities of the resistance, stressing that the top priority will always remain the liberation of Palestine.

“Our ever strong unity, resilience, willpower, and hope of a peaceful sovereign life will outlast the atrocities of the Israeli Occupation”.


Haniyeh stressed that the response to this massacre is to move forward towards achieving the reconciliation, adding that no people can win without being united on the basis of strategies and resistance.

He called on the Palestinian Authority to terminate all forms of  security  collaboration with the Israeli Occupation , and the need to accelerate the lifting of sanctions on the Gaza Strip, and condemn this heinous Israeli crime.