Press release on American intention regarding Jerusalem

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Press release issued by Hamas:

In light of what is being discussed of the American intentions to declare Jerusalem a capital for the Jewish state, we warn of the fallouts of this dangerous decision as it constitutes a blatant aggression  against the holy city, and a cover to the ongoing Israeli harassments inside Jerusalem such as settlement and eviction of the Palestinian citizens. This step, if taken, means a violation to the International law as it deems Jerusalem an occupied city.

We call upon our Palestinian people to remain steadfast in the face of such a decision and to get more involved in the Al Quds uprising to foil the conspiracy. All in all, these decisions will never efface the fact that Jerusalem is an Islamic Arabic city.

Arab and Islamic countries are required to take their responsibilities to stop the decision on the official and public levels.

All people in the free world are also entitled to support the Palestinian people and oppose the American decision.