Haniyeh phones Abbas to discuss the American intentions towards Jerusalem

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The head of the Politburo of Hamas , Ismail Haniyeh phoned the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the American intentions towards Jerusalem and their serious consequences.

Haniyeh assured the need to maintain the Palestinian unity to confront these challenges and to continue on the path of reconciliation.

He considered such steps a  serious change which calls for a unified stand to confront them.

For his part, Abbas stressed that he will take very important decisions should the American Administration take such decision. 

They both agreed  to urge the Palestinian people to demonstrate next Wednesday to express their anger towards the American decision.

They also confirm the need to achieve the reconciliation and the national unity , to implement the signed agreement namely Cairo Agreement 2011 and its annexes , to maintain the principle of partnership and to move forwards in the national  issues ; elections and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Haniyeh and Abbas concluded the need to mobilize all media effort to serve the national causes namely Jerusalem, and to stop any form of tension or internal conflicts in the media.