Haniyeh phones Rouhani following Trump's decision

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Head of Hamas’s political bureau,  Ismail Haniyeh, , phoned, Monday evening,  the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rowhani, to look into the latest developments regarding Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Haniyeh discussed during his meeting with President Rohani the repercussions of the American decision to declare the occupied city of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity.

Haniyeh stressed that this decision represents an aggression against the Palestinian people and the Islamic nation, as Jerusalem, politically is Palestinian, religiously Islamic and Christian.

He called for confronting the American decision and  for unifying the Palestinian position as well as the position of Arab and Islamic nations and to support the on-going uprising. 

The chief leader of Hamas also said that his movement is looking forward to the issuing of clear resolutions in support of Jerusalem during the Islamic summit that will be held in Turkey.

Haniyeh praised the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its leadership, and citizens for their paramount support for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people and  their unwavering stance regarding Jerusalem.  

In turn, Rouhani emphasized his Republic’s position by strongly rejecting Trump’s decision. He called for unity, considering that this resolution represents the epitome of   aggression coming from the belligerent countries who harbor injustice. .

He stressed that Iran will support Palestine with all capabilities at hand and stand with the Palestinian people till they liberate their country with Jerusalem as its capital.

He also added that Iran will spare no effort for the success of the upcoming Islamic Summit held in Turkey and the issuance of resolutions supporting the Islamic right in Palestine and Jerusalem.