Hammad: Palestinian prisoners will be released soon

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The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas,  organized a solidarity stand with the families of the prisoners of Gaza after being subjected to a verbal attack by a Zionist deputy who broke into their bus while on their way to the Ramon prison located in the Negev desert south of occupied Palestine.

Member of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Fathi Hammad, during a meeting with the families of the prisoners at the Beit Hanoun checkpoint, condemned the blatant Zionist aggression against them.

He reiterated  the pride and grit of the Palestinian prisoners despite the long years they have spent in Israeli prisons,  pointing out that the dignity of the prisoners and their families is a red line.

"We vow to our Palestinian prisoners that their freedom will be achieved very soon in Wafaa Al-Ahrar 2 prisoner exchange deal”, he stated.