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In his speech, Haniyeh calls for new national Palestinian strategy

24 January, 18

The head of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh called for setting up a national strategy to face the American and Israeli plans that deliberately target the fair Palestinian cause. This came is a speech he delivered on Tuesday in Gaza city.

National Strategy

 Haniyeh said that the national strategy should foster the Palestinian unity and expedite efforts to achieve the reconciliation, noting that adopting the resistance as a core pillar for this strategy is very important particularly in light of the utter failure of the negotiations.

He added as well that the Palestinian decision should be taken made through national consensus and this entails reconstructing the PLO. Haniyeh hailed the unique Palestinian steadfastness and the Arab and Muslims nations' reaction in supporting Jerusalem.


In his specch, Haniyeh said that achieving the reconcilaiation is a very pressing interest for the Palestinian people, noting that there are some thorny challenges that impede achieving it.

He added that Hamas is working hard to resolve all the challenges and has presented a lenient attitude in order to achieve the reconciliation as soon as possible, especially for the sake of easing the restrictions imposed on Gaza and the disastrous impact of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions of the strip.

Relation with Egypt

 Haniyeh said that he has received a call from the Egyptian official, Samek Kamel who serves as the responsible official of the Palestinian file, in which he said that Egypt will continue to sponsor the Palestinian reconciliation.

Pence's Visit

On Mike Pence's to the region Haniyeh reiterated that the USA has never been a neutral peace mediator, and that the visit was unwelcomed.

He said as well that Pence's recent statement in which he announced that the American embassy will be moved to Jerusalem by the end of this year is an attempt to target the Palestinian cause.

Confronting Trump's decision

  Haniyeh said that Hamas stance's regarding the controversial American decision of recognizing Jerusalem as a state of the Israeli Occupation came in three phases: The first was the furious popular reaction from people who took to the streets to express their refusal of the American decision.

The second was to reactivate the Arab and Muslim nations' role to back the Jerusalem cause, and lastly to initiate diplomatic calls with leaders in the region to look into the crisis.

He noted that the Palestinian people's powerful reaction sent out a message that these courageous people will never pass any of these plans and schemes that target their cause.

Refusing settling:

 Haniyeh said that Hamas totally refuses any plans to settle the Palestinian people in their diaspora, noting that Hamas dismisses the notion of resolving the Palestinian cause and the Jerusalem issue at the expense of Jordan.

He added as well that there are efforts at the moment to build up new alliances in the region that adopt two pillars: adopting resistance, and not to recognize the Israeli Occupation.


 Haniyeh said that the prisoners' issue is fundamental one to Hamas as the movement aims to reach for a dignified prisoners' swap deal.

He seized the chance and hailed the Arab members at the Israeli Parliament for their supportive stances towards their people's causes.

Saida's Crime:

Haniyeh denounced the Israeli crime of targeting Hamas operative in Saida, Mohammed Hamdan, noting that the crime is not only targeting Hamas but also the Lebanese state's stability.

He expressed gratitude for the Lebanese authorities who revealed the real perpetrators, and he held the Israeli Occupation fully responsible for the consequences.