Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas condemns Israeli ‘extrajudicial execution’ of Palestinian youth

06 February, 18

Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas condemned on Tuesday “extrajudicial execution” of Palestinian youth by Israeli occupation forces in West Bank city of Jenin.

On Tuesday at dawn, large numbers of the Israeli occupation forces equipped with heavy military bulldozers stormed Al-Yamoun Village in the outskirts of Jenin and surrounded a complex of Palestinian buildings.

The Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the Palestinian buildings and a military bulldozer demolished one of them, leaving the Palestinian youth Ahmed Nasser Jarrar, 22, dead more than 20 days of search.

Israeli occupation claimed that Jarrar was responsible for killing an illegal Israeli settler, who lived in an illegal Israeli Jewish settlement built in a Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

During the search, the Israeli occupation forces killed two Palestinian civilians and wounded dozens of others in different areas in the occupied West Bank.

Hamas condemned killing Jarrar, describing it as “an extrajudicial execution” and also condemned the celebration of the Israeli officials, who claimed that killing Palestinians achieves safety of the Israelis.

After executing Jarrar, the defence minister of the Israeli occupation Avigdor Lieberman and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that safety of Israelis is achieved by assassination of Palestinians, referring to Jarrar as “terrorist.”