Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas: UNRWA's cuts aim to end the issue of Palestinian refugees

28 July, 15


The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas stated on Monday that through the leaks on service cuts, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East “UNRWA” paves the way towards giving up its role in providing services to the Palestinian refugees.

In a press release, Hamas deemed UNRWA's recent trends as a move towards ending the issue of Palestinian refugees through their resettlement in the areas they were displaced to by force, stressing the Palestinian people’s adherence to the right of return as a sacred, inalienable, individual and collective right which does not fall under the statute of limitations.

Hamas pointed out that the justifications circulated by UNRWA are groundless and unacceptable, adding that such measures are nothing but a political game designed to damage the education sector under the guise of financial and technical difficulties.

Hamas warned UNRWA of the repercussions of leaving hundreds of thousands of students without education and tens of thousands of employees without jobs, noting that by such measures, UNRWA worsens the already aggravated situations in all areas where Palestinian refugees exist, which could result in things spinning out of control.

Hamas called on sensible parties to redress the situation, demanding the PLO to assume its responsibilities towards Palestinian refugees and not to stay silent.

Hamas also called on the Palestinian people and Palestinian national forces to unite and thwart this dangerous plan which touches on the core of the Palestinian cause.