The Great March of Return

| Great March of Return

by Issam Edwan

For the first time since 1948, the year of the Palestinian Nakbah, a massive march is being staged with the participation of huge crowds, as all Palestinian refugees, inside and outside the Palestinian territories, will take part in this event. Therefore, special preparations will be made for this march, as whole Palestinian families, including children, will attend it.

This march, which came 70 years later, is of great significance, and holding it now constitutes an important move in the Palestinian strategy regarding handling the right of return. The Palestinians have waited long for an international recognition of their right of return, but they are fed up with waiting.

Every nation living under occupation has the right to resist and make every effort to stand up and claim its rights. The March of Return, which will be held inside the Palestinian territories and in the world's capitals, is an important form of resistance and has a great significance not less than the armed resistance, which is the most efficient way of resistance and the shortest way to liberation and achievement of return to our homeland.

The significance of the March of Return lies in the following:

  1. It proves that Palestinians will never give up any of their rights and will stand up for them.
  2. The upcoming generations of Palestine refugees will uphold their right to return to their homeland in a way that shocks those who compromise or try to liquidate this right.
  3. All Palestinian, Arab, and international policies that aim at liquidating the right to return or integrating the Palestinians into other societies have failed.
  4. March of Return is a public response to allegations that 'Israel' is a Jewish-only state, which is an Israeli condition, backed by the United States and accepted by some publicly-outcast Palestinian parties, to take part in the so-called 'peace process.’
  5. This march will have an international impression in this regard, as the marches and protests will be held in front of the Israeli embassies and the UN offices across the world. Crowds of Palestine refugees and the Arab and international supporters will take to the streets heading to borders of Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948. This event will cause political and media crises for the Israeli occupation and will have repercussions even after the end of the event and highlight a question to the world about how to deal with Palestine refugees, who do not forget or give up their rights.
  6. This march is held in retaliation for the systematic aggression against the Palestinians, which aims at liquidating them especially in the Gaza Strip. Enemies of Palestinians view Palestinian silence as a chance to reach deals without recognising that this is the calmness which precedes the storm.
  7. Gaza Strip, whose residents have a tendency for rebellion, resistance and resilience as they are the spearhead of resistance against the Zionist occupier, is a major component of this march. 

The Great March of Return is a public protest that supports the Palestinian right to resist the occupation and the Palestinians to stand up for their rights and set their conditions on top of the international agendas.

The day of March 30 must be a preliminary for the Great March of Return which will be the starting point of returning to Palestine on the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbah and the turning point which will break off the deluded negotiations and peace process.