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Hamas responds to Abbas’ plan to impose more punitive measures on Gaza

20 March, 18

Press Release

In response to the speech of the Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, which was delivered on Monday evening, March 19, 2018, Hamas states the following:

At the time the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas is exerting its utmost efforts to undermine all the conspiracies planned to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian rights, it was surprised with Abbas’ belligerent remarks, which burn bridges, intensify the rift and support Trump’s plan to liquidate the Palestinian national cause.

Hamas condemns with the strongest words the irresponsible speech of the PA president, who has been working to push the Palestinians in Gaza to bent down and trying to undermine their steadfastness at a very dangerous and historic moment.

Abbas is not merely targeting Hamas, but is undermining the chances to promote the national programme and the efforts to achieve the Palestinian unity, as well as he is reinforcing the plans to separate the West Bank from the Gaza Strip –the plan which precedes the state of chaos needed to pass the ‘Deal of the Century’ and other Trump’s and Zionist occupation’s projects.

These remarks and decisions, which are considered a coup on all the reconciliation deals and a demolition of the Egyptian role, need an urgent stance and intervention by all the Palestinians and their factions to save the national programme and the Palestinian unity. The Palestinians and the political factions are demanded to stand up and bear their responsibilities regarding Abbas’ dangerous and destructive practices.

Hamas calls for all the regional and international players, including the Arab League to urgently and responsibly interfere to stop this dangerous deterioration and to bear the responsibility for preventing a disaster at the internal Palestinian national level, which could take place due to Abbas’ decisions against Gaza and its residents.

Hamas considers being accused of carrying out the attack on Dr Rami Hamadallah’s convoy by Abbas, before completing the investigations which are being carried out without the cooperation of his government, is an attempt to pervert the course of justice. However, Hamas has expected that Abbas issues his directions to help revealing the reality and identifying the criminals.

After all of this, Hamas calls for general elections, including presidential, parliamentary and National Council elections to let the Palestinians choose their leadership which is able to achieve unity and bear the responsibility of protecting their interests.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas


March 19, 2018


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