Hamas Islamic Resistance

On the Israeli crime of burning to death the Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsheh

31 July, 15

A Press statement on:

The Israeli crime of burning to death the Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsheh


The Israeli crime of burning to death the Palestinian infant  Ali Dawabshah  and torching the home of Dawabshah family by gangs of Israeli settlers in Nablus village of Doma is a heinous cold-blooded  crime, which comes as a result of the sinister hatred that is constantly fueled by Israeli  religious and political authorities and encouraged by the collusion or silence over Israel's atrocious crimes.

Burning the infant Ali Dawabshah is a new crime in the long-listed record of Israel's crimes against Palestinian children such as the child Mohammed Abu Khudair and the hundreds of Gaza children whose bodies were blown up into pieces by Israeli weapons while the international community, Arab and Islamic leaders and the PA were  silent and did nothing but suffocating and preventing the resistance from retaliation.


The Islamic Resistance Movement  Hamas condemns in the strongest possible terms this Israeli  heinous crime, and emphasizes the following:

First: The Palestinian people in the West Bank have the right and duty to express their rejection and anger, and to retaliate to the murder of their children. They have full right to confront the Israeli settlers by any means, anytime and anywhere.

Second: It's a shame on the PA and its security forces to pursue,  detain and torture the resistance fighters in order to prevent them from responding to the  Israeli settlers’ crimes.

Third: It would have been better for the PA and Abbas in this difficult condition to hold a meeting of the PLO's provisional leadership body so that a consensus on a comprehensive program can be reach to respond to the Israeli crimes  instead of making  unilateral modifications on the reconciliation government and indulging in security cooperation with the Israeli occupation.

Four: Hamas calls on the Palestinian people, Palestinian factions and national forces to work at all levels, expose, attack and internationally isolate the Israeli occupation in order to prosecute Israeli criminal leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Five: Hamas calls on human rights organizations to strongly condemn this crime and support a boycotting of Israel and work to drain political, military and financial backing of the Israeli occupation which is increasing in its criminality and violations against the Palestinian people.

Six: Hamas calls on the Arab and Islamic nations, peoples and leaderships to react to the spilling of the Palestinian blood lest the murder of the Arab and Muslim children becomes a  habit familiarly practiced by the Israeli enemy under US cover.


The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas