Hamas Islamic Resistance

Great March of Return is a creative form of resistance

26 March, 18

by Nasser Nasser

Great March of Return, which is to take place in the coming days, is a form of the Palestinian national resistance against the Israeli occupation.

This march represents a peaceful and popular strategy that our people had effectively used to confront the Israeli aggression.

Reusing this strategy is needed, but it has to be developed to suit the circumstances of this stage.

This strategy does not contradict or call off any form of resistance, but rather sustains the other forms agreed up among the Palestinian factions in the National Reconciliation Document.

If the Israeli occupation could not thwart this march by deepening the division between Palestinians or turning the event into violent, military confrontations with its forces, it is supposed to achieve a number of national goals:

First: the national reconciliation, as the resistance unites the Palestinians on one goal to force those hindering the reconciliation to step down and pave the way for those who believe it is a higher national and moral demand to confront the Israeli occupation.

Second: provoking the Israeli occupation to give up the “free and cheap” occupation of Palestine and make it pay “harsh price” for its occupying policies.

Third: popular resistance may provoke internal disputes between the Israeli factions, and consequently overthrow the extremist far-right Israeli government, which will be put under heavy international, popular and official pressure.

Fourth: it will support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Fifth: this march might drag the Israeli occupation into a war of attrition that could deplete its military and political power at the time it is in a dire need for these capabilities to confront, what it says, the increasing threat on the Northern front.

Will the Great Mach of Return achieve some or all of its goals? This is what this valuable and required experience is going to prove?