Great March of Return is ‘peaceful,’ chairman says

| Great March of Return

In a letter sent to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Chairman of the International Coordinating Committee for the Great Return March Zaher Birawi stressed that activity is “fully peaceful.”

“Given your legal and moral responsibilities, we are addressing you today to introduce our peaceful and legitimate action,” Birawi’s letter reads.

He added: “We encourage you to cooperate with us and the expected participants in this just action to ensure the realisation of the right to return for the Palestinian people as an inalienable, indivisible right in accordance with the rules of law, labour, justice and international jurisprudence.”

Birawi stressed that the “organisers of this march and the participants will never resort to any means of violence and will only be limited to a peaceful march in accordance with the truce plan.”

The chairman reiterated that the activity keeps up with the “UN resolutions on the return of the Palestinian refugees and other relevant international resolutions on the Palestinian cause.”

About the legal grounds, Birawi said: “The UN Resolution 194, dated 11 December 1948, constitutes the international legal basis for the Great Return March. It clearly called for the return to be allowed as soon as possible to refugees wishing to return to their homes and live in peace with their neighbours.”

Birawi stressed that the organisers of the GRM are committed to the principles of the International Law and Human Rights Law and wishes to work with Guterres to enable the Palestinian people to realise their legitimate rights and to implement the resolutions of the UN regarding the return of the Palestinian refugees.