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Hamas stresses Great March of Return is peaceful, warns occupation of any aggression against it

27 March, 18

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Dr Khalil al-Hayya stressed on Tuesday that Great March of Return (GMR) is peaceful activity, warned Israeli occupation of any aggression against it.

Al-Hayya said that every Palestinian, along with men, women and children will take part in the Great March of Return.

He stressed that this activity is based on the belief that returning to the occupied Palestinian lands is an inalienable right, citing the support of the international law, conventions and resolutions.

Here are the answers of the senior Hamas leader about several questions related to the Great March of Return.

In the light of the preparations for the Great March of Return, what is your message to the world throughout this peaceful activity?

We stress that this march is peaceful. Therefore, we are taking part in the march along with our wives and children. We want to stand at the borders of our occupied lands, without carrying guns, to convey our message to the world. At the same time, we warn the Israeli occupation against attacking the unarmed and peaceful crowds, including women, children and elderly.

What is your message to the Palestinians everywhere?

The first message: We, the Palestinians, have a stolen homeland, where we were displaced of it 70 years ago. Since then, we have been living deprivation, homelessness, misery and loss. Therefore, we will never concede our land, which was irrigated with our fathers and grandfathers’ blood. We are inevitably returning to this land. All the international laws, conventions and UN resolutions recognise our right to return to our homeland.

The second message: We, the Palestinians in Gaza, have been living under an 11-year-old Israeli siege, which caused deprivation, poverty and lack of food and medicines, blame the Israeli occupation for the siege and call for the world to end it to let the people of Gaza live secure and safe in their homes.

The third message: On the anniversary of the Land Day, we stress that we are entrenched in our land.

What is your message to the Zionist Israeli occupation?

We have been fighting for a just political cause, supported by all the international laws and conventions. In addition, our cause is supported by all the free people in the entire world. We, the Palestinian people, seek the liberation form the occupation. We call for the occupation to leave our land to let us return to it and live in peace and security. This is our natural, humanitarian and political right.

No matter how long the occupation will remain in our land, it will leave at the end in spite of all the military equipment and the American support it has. Our right to the Palestinian land is inalienable and we will not concede it. We are persistent on the right to return and to establish our independent state.