Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas mourns martyrs of Great March of Return

30 March, 18

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement mourned the martyrs who fell on Friday during the activities of the Great March or Return.

In a statement, Hamas said that the Palestinian people proved that they are able to change the rules of conflict with the Zionist enemy on the ground.

“Throughout the massive turnout in the Great March of Return, the Palestinian people sent a strong message to everyone turning a blind eye to the Palestinian rights,” the statement said.

“The Palestinians proved that the Palestinian cause is not for food or just a humanitarian issue,” the statement added, “but it is a political issue that all the powers of evil conspired against it in order to uproot the Palestinians from their land.”

In addition, the statement said: “The inevitable return to the holy land is an activity the Palestinians have been practicing everyday on the ground throughout the steadfast will.”

Hamas stressed that the Palestinians had buried the ‘Deal of the Century’ and ended it forever. “The Palestinian people, who are sticking to their rights, deserve freedom and full independence.”

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement concluded the statement, saying: “Today’s martyrs sacrificed their souls for the sake of the great revolution which precedes the great return.”

Hamas hopes the full and fast recovery for the wounded.