Meshaal: right of return will never be neglected

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Former Head of Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Mishaal said on Sunday that “the right to return will not be neglected Israel will not be recognised” and the “Deal of the Century will be foiled.”

This came during a breakfast meeting in Istanbul arranged to mark the 90th anniversary of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Netanyahu tries to take advantage of the current crises in the Arab world to liquidate the Palestinian cause benefiting from the existence of such extremist US President Donald Trump and the help of some parties in the Arab and Muslim world,” Mishaal said.

“All these conspiracies will not pass,” he said.

He added: “They have started to eliminate the right to return, to take over Jerusalem and to ban funding Hamas Movement, but resistance will always continue and their efforts will always fail because the Palestinian people will never stop resistance especially with more surprises from Gaza.”