Israel desperately attacks Gaza to deter Great March of Return

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Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Baroum said on Wednesday the Israeli aggression on Gaza reflects Israeli intention to deter peaceful Great March of Return.

In a press release, Barhoum said that this was aimed to undermine the Palestinian efforts to regain their fundamental rights.

He also said that Israeli bombardment of Palestinian resistance sites reveals the fear and hysteria that the Occupation government is currently going through due to the success of the Great March of Return.  

In addition, he said: “The Israeli aggression will only encourage our people to continue defying and confronting the Israeli occupation until they have regained their legitimate rights and the siege imposed on Gaza is ended.”

About the role of the Palestinian resistance, he said: “The Palestinian resistance will always defend our people from the crimes of the Israeli occupation and its arbitrary policies.”

Israeli leaders have previously threatened that they will attack Hamas security sites in order to deter the Great March of Return after Israeli snipers were exposed and documented shooting and killing unarmed Palestinians, some of them children and journalists.