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Hamas: Palestinians' right to return to homeland is inalienable

28 April, 18

“The huge number of Palestinians taking part in the Great March of Return reiterates their right to return to their homeland," head of Hamas in Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar said. 

During his participation in the Great March of Return on Friday at the eastern Gaza border, Al-Sinwar added, "We will continue marching until our people regain their rights and the 11-year-old Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip is broken."

Meanwhile, Hamas’ chief Ismail Haniyeh, while taking part in the demonstrations south of the Gaza Strip, said: “The Great March of Return forced the Israeli occupation to reconsider its arbitrary policies and injustices practiced against the people of Palestine."

He confirmed that the peaceful protests would continue after the Nakba Day on May 15  until  Palestinians regain their fundamental rights and return to their homelands. 

Despite the violent Israeli crackdown on the peaceful Great March of Return protests, which have caused the death of 44 unarmed Palestinian protesters and injured more than 6,200 others, thousands of Palestinians took part in the demonstrations of the fifth consecutive Friday.


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