Hamas condemns German parliament’s support for ‘Israel’ to be Jewish state

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Hamas condemns German parliament’s support for ‘Israel’ to be a Jewish state

Hamas strongly condemned the German parliament (Bundestag)’s call for the German government to support recognising Israeli occupation of historic Palestine a Jewish state.

At the time the Palestinians expected a strong support from the Federal Republic of Germany on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the Bundestag did not mention the seven-decade long aggression of the Israeli occupation on our people, as well as it did not denounce the Israeli racist and fascist policies.

Today, the Israeli occupation as an occupying power, continues usurping Palestinian land in favour of illegal settlements, arrest thousands without trial, many of them are children, women and patients, Judaise Jerusalem and forcefully deport Jerusalemites from their homes and impose an unjust siege on more than two million Palestinians in Gaza.

The siege on Gaza is considered by all international institutions and international laws as a collective punishment that amounts to a crime against humanity.

You, the Bundestag, described the Israeli occupation as a "state that embraces western European values." Are these values accept, for example, with the killing of dozens and wounding of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, most of them are children, who to demand their right to a decent life and return to their homes?

This decision destabilises the region and the world, as well as it gives the occupation a green light to continue its aggression against our people, violation of international law and encourages the displacement of the rest of our people.

Hamas is wondering whether accepting a Jewish state is in line with the democratic values on which Germany was founded after the war, which basically do not consider differences between citizens on the basis of race, colour or religion.

Therefore, we demand that the Bundestag cancels this decision and take positions that achieve justice to our people after decades of suffering, which Europe, and foremost Germany, is a major cause of it.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas