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Hamas: Middle of May to witness biggest peaceful march

07 May, 18

“The day prior to the Nakba will witness the biggest peaceful demonstrations in Palestinian history,” Spokesperson of Hamas Abdel Latif al-Qanou said on Monday. 

In a press release, Al-Qanou added: "Our people cannot endure more pressure and siege," noting that they would erupt “in the face of the Israeli occupation to secure a decent life and an honorable return to their homeland.” 

Despite the brutal Israeli crackdown, the Great March of Return activities continued unabated since it started on March 30 near Gaza's eastern borders.

The Great March of Return will reach its peak on May 14, a day before the Nakba where the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestinians took place on the hands of the Zionist gangs.

Protesters in the March demand their right to return to their homeland as stipulated in the 194 UN resolution, as well as breaking the 11-year-old strict Israeli imposed siege Gaza.