Hamas Islamic Resistance

A new, arbitrary Israeli policy to quell Great March of Return

07 May, 18

by Yasser Manna

Israeli occupation used all of its means to undermine the demosntrations of the great March of Return, inclding propaganda machine and spreading lies, but all of its efforts went in vain.

The Israeli occupation failed to quel the protests of the Great March of Return, which confounded the Israeli occupation's expectations that this march will fail due to lack of participants and the deteriorating humanitarian and economical situations in the Gaza Strip because of the 11-year-old Israeli siege imposed on the coastal enclave. Rather, the Great March of Return confused the Israeli leadership due to the mass popular participation.  

The popular participation in the Great March of Return has sharply increased as the protesters tried to march peacefully at a very close distance from the borders with the Israeli occupation despite its brutal crackdown on the demonstrations.

The frequent presence of the political leadership of the Palestinian factions have also played a key role in the continuation of the Great March of Return and defied the Israeli propaganda which claims that the organisers of the Great March of Return send Palestinian children to "their deaths" to gain personal or partisan interests.    

After the Israeli occupation failed to disperse the Great March of Return through its propaganda machine, Israeli leaflets threatened to use lethal force against anyone approaching the border fence and circulated videos on social media of Israeli officials warning Gazans not to take part in the protest.

The Israeli occupation adopted a new method to quell the demonstrations by targeting the resistance and security sites in the heart of Gaza Strip. Israeli writer Matan Tzuri noted this arbitrary policy in his article in Haaretz newspaper who said  that the Israeli occupation's army decided to undergo to end the Great March of Return that increasingly grows at the Gaza borders.  

It's clear that this arbitrary policy is of a short age as the Israeli Occupation avoids a military escalation in the Gaza Strip. As a preliminary step to the May 15 protests, which the Israeli Occupation fears its repercussions, the Israeli Occupation targets deserted sites and agricultural lands and avoids assassinating certain Palestinians.

The Palestinian resistance, on the other hand, will not be dragged into retaliating the Israeli aggression on the coastal enclave, but rather it will dedicate its efforts to encourage the mass crowds of Palestinians to demonstrate on May 15, which marks Nakba Day.  

After the message was delivered by the Israeli military institution to Hamas, which is accused of organising the protests, the Israeli occupation bombarded the security sites in the Gaza Strip - a new arbitrary policy adopted by the Israeli occupation to deter the Palestinians from marching peacefully near the Gaza borders.

Since the Israeli occupation fears the repercussions of May 15 protests, it is in a sticky situation between escalating the situation at the borders and avoiding a political and international embarrassment for its crimes against the Palestinians.