Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas congratulates Islamic bloc for winning Birzeit student council elections

10 May, 18

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas congratulated its student bloc for its victory in the Student Council's elections of Birzeit University for the fourth consecutive year.

The movement said in a press statement on Wednesday evening that this victory proves the Palestinian students’ adoption of the option of resistance and maintaining their national principles to resist the liquidation of the Palestinian cause.  

“Birzeit University represents a unique democratic experience by continually holding democratic student elections in the institution and we praise the students who have practised Palestinian democracy in its finest form,” it added.

Following the Islamic bloc victory, head of Hamas, Ismail  Haniyeh, congratulated the students on Thursday during their celebrations over a phone call projected through loudspeakers.

He said: "These democratic elections and good spirits prove that partnership is important to build a comprehensive Palestinian political system and to seek freedom from the Israeli occupation.”

He stressed that the elections proved that it is not possible to bypass Hamas despite all attempts by the Israeli occupation to detain and prosecute its active members and exclude the movement from the Palestinian society.

"These elections prove that our people - especially our students – continue to adopt the option of resistance, preserve their national principles, safeguard their land and Jerusalem, demand their right to return and completely reject the security cooperation with the Israeli occupation," Haniyeh said.

He called upon the newly-elected Islamic bloc to provide all services available to the students of Birzeit and provide all support needed to their fellow colleagues through their challenging academic journey tarnished under the Israeli occupation.

National Council and comprehensive elections

In its statement the movement also called on the Palestinian Authority and its leadership to apply this democratic model to the Palestinian political arena by holding comprehensive elections in order to heal the Palestinian division and form a strong national partnership.

Commenting on the same matter Haniyeh said: "We are still living in a state of division and this is clearly demonstrated by the convention of the Palestinian National Council without a national consensus.”

He reiterated the need to hold a unified council as agreed upon in the Beirut and Cairo agreements and to rebuild the PLO while including Hamas, the largest Palestinian faction, and the Islamic Jihad as key members in the organisation.