Hamas: Despite our right to armed struggle, we chose peaceful means

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Head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya al-Sinwar Thursday evening, said that the complex strategic environment including the internal Palestinian reality led the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip to take up the methods of popular resistance at this stage, despite their right to armed struggle.

In a televised interview with Al-Jazeera, al-Sinwar said, “our people have the right to use the various means of resistance, and there is nothing to prevent us from resorting to other means if our people find it necessary.”

He stressed that the circumstances may change and his movement may resort to armed resistance without hesitation.

“On May 14, our people in Gaza achieved a strategic goal and coinciding with the opening ceremony of the US emabassy in Jerusalem, they rejected this unjust decision through the huge demonstrations that took place at the border fence”, al-Sinwar added.  

He explained that it is too early to say whether the Great March of Return achieved its full objectives or not; but it achieved an important part of the goals, the first of which is the return of the Palestinian cause on world agendas and the level of awareness raised on the issue worldwide.

“It highlighted the chocking siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by the Occupation and since the start of the March, various meetings worldwide were held to discuss the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.”

Commenting on Hamas’ brief talks in Egypt on 13/5, al-Sinwar said that Egypt vowed to open the Rafah crossing and alleviate the suffering of the Gaza Strip, stressing that these facilitations don’t come with conditions, in contrary to rumours spread by some media outlets.

“Egypt will ease and facilitate the crossings without preventing our people from continuing to protest and demand their right to return and break the siege at the Gaza fence”.  

“During the visit we reiterated the importance of the bilateral relations and the important role Egypt plays in the Gaza Strip to ease and bear the on-going crisis. The Egyptians clearly affirmed that they support the right of our people to protest and demand their right to return,” al-Sinwar added.  

The Hamas leader also noted Cairo’s keenness to not turn these peaceful demonstrations in an armed confrontation. “We share the same ideas with our Egyptian brethren and we are keen to keep and contionue these demonstrations peaceful,” al-Sinwar confirmed.  

In another context, he called on the leadership of Fatah to get behind the Palestinians in the West Bank and extend these popular resistance demonstrations against the Occupation and illegal settlements. Al-Sinwar called for the termination of the Palestinian Authority’s security coordination with the Israeli Occupation. in response to the demand of the Palestinian people everywhere and also the decision of the Palestinian Central Council.

Regarding the prisoners file, al-Sinwar said that his movement will fulfil its oath of releasing the prisoners, but blamed the Israeli Occupation for not making progress in the file. “We have tried to make progress and achieve another exchange deal, but all of our efforts have been rejected by the Israeli Occupation and its leadership is not ready to conclude a deal”.