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Hamas: Targeted assassination rumors false, Great March of Return will continue till siege is lifted

19 May, 18


Head of Hamas' Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, denied rumors of receiving Israeli threats via Egypt to assassinate Hamas leaders, confirming that the Great March of Return will continue until the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza is completely lifted.  

While delivering Friday sermon at Gaza's Al-Omari Grand Mosque, Hanyia confirmed that his movement will not make any compromises to end the Great March of Return, and reiterated that any decisions taken on this matter will adhere to the national consensus.

"We no longer rely on partial solutions. Either the Israeli-imposed siege on Gaza is completely broken, or the Great March of Return will continue unabated and will use new means of resistance," Haniyeh said. 

He noted that the Israeli media outlets spread false rumors following Hamas delegation's brief visit to Egypt on May 13 in a desperate attempt to influence the Great March of Return and divert attention from the Israeli massacre in Gaza.  

One of these messages, which the Israeli media claimed Hamas received through Egypt, is that "if the Great March of Return continues, the Israeli Occupation will assassinate Hamas' leaders," Hanyia continued.

"Such messages don’t shake us, and we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Palestine," Hanyia said adding that these messages "will not influence the decisions and steps we take."