Hamas Holds Egyptian authorities responsible for lives of 4 Palestinian abductees

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Hamas held the Egyptian authorities fully responsible for the lives of four Palestinian abductees who were taken in the Sinai Peninsula 6 days ago.

In a press statement released on Monday, Hamas called on Egypt to honor the Palestinian-Egyptian ties and deescalate the situation, both in the media and on field. Hamas also called on Egypt to work for the immediate release of the abductees in accordance with humanitarian norms and ethics.

Denouncing the failure to address such a serious issue, Hamas warned against harming the abductees, confirming that they were victims of deception and treachery.

Hamas stated the Movement will spare no effort in order to save their lives and bring the 4 bright young men back to their families.

Hamas said that the criminals who dared to abduct the four youth think that the Palestinian people would forget or ignore their case, calling on all human rights organizations and media institutions and popular movements to take part in rejecting such immoral tactics.

Few hundred meters away from the Egyptian-controlled Rafah crossing on Wednesday, Gunmen kidnapped four Palestinian young men from a bus carrying 50 passengers, which was heading to Cairo from the Gaza Strip.

Source : Hamas