Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas responds to Israeli threats to target kite-flying children

16 July, 18

"The Israeli occupation has exaggerated the damage caused by the kites and balloons in order to justify its aggression on Gaza," Hamas leader Sami Abu Zuhri said. 

Abu Zuhri's statement came in reply to the threats of the Israeli occupation's cabinet directed at kite flyers, most of whom are children. 

"The Israeli occupation would be playing with fire if its warplanes targeted kite flyers," he added.

The Hamas leader noted that the Israeli occupation must understand the Palestinian resistance's message before "committing any foolish act," urging the international community to take action against the Israeli crimes, as "the Israelis' blood is not more valuable than that of Palestinian children."

It's worth noting that the Israeli cabinet issued orders to its military to target children flying the kites into the Israeli entity.