The National Council and the crazy move

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By Dr. Mousa Abu Marzook

To invite the Palestinian National Council PNC for an exceptional session is one of the most controversial issues, as it came after 10 members of the PLO Executive Committee had resigned. Debate here is on the legality of the session for, according to the Article 14/c of the PLO bylaws, exceptional sessions are held to complement the membership of the absentee members whether by death or resignation.

Therefore, if the invitation was for an ordinary session; then , PNC's members have ignored the reconciliation issue, the  issues of national unity, as well as Cairo's Meeting in March 2005 in which a PLO committee was formed with Abbas as its chairman, and  this committee was considered to be the provisional leading body  in the reconciliation talks in 2011 and was therefore assigned to  re-constitute the PNC, mainly through election, and by  national consensus in the areas where elections cannot be held.

Some suggest that the calls for the upcoming PNC session came to settle score with some of Abbas's opponents, as many believe whoever opposes the President must be punished. Others say that it is not proper to say this about senior leaders, and the session is to address the political impasse confronting the Palestinian national movement.

Yet, the truth is that there are those very selfish opportunists who are pushing for such a PNC session. . They want to guarantee the PNC will not be held away from them and to be sure they have quotas in it. As a result, they recommended Hamas and  the Islamic Jihad not to be invited to the PNC session as they  are worried about losing  their  seats, which they believe they have earned by the blood of martyrs, despite them being nearly absent from the current scene.  They do not want to hold elections, and they also do not want to share seats with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

Despite  all of that, the National Council’s Body and Chairman do not agree with what President Abbas believes right, for Abu  Al-Adeeb (PNC Chairman) is eager to preserve internal concord,  unity of representation and legitimacy reverence, and  his fear is legitimate in the light of Abbas's  misgivings about  Dahlan, Fayyad, Marwan, Yasser Abed Rabbo, Hamas and the alleged alternative.

The most  serious  development, gentlemen, is that although a reunion was reached  in March, 2005, and although we determined  the path  and the mechanism to have the PLO  as  a political umbrella that unites all  Palestinians, had put  in place mechanisms  to overcome the detestable split  in 2011, emphasized what has been agreed upon regarding the PLO committee to be as a provisional leading frame,  and identified its powers,  this  crazy move by President Abbas relegate the PLO to conflicting organizations rather than being an all-encompassing institution and reference for all the Palestinians.

Finally, what's the way out?  It is in our hands. A meeting for the provisional leadership frame must be held immediately in order to seriously look into re-forming the National Council, including its leadership bodies and official institutions, based on sound democratic grounds, in addition to political, attitudinal and moral gains for our national liberation project.

Source : Hamas