Hamas Islamic Resistance

Answered on Sunday, 19 August 2018

26 August, 18

Q: Do you endorse Jeremy Corbyn for UK Prime Minister?

A: We Salute Jeremy Corbyn’s supportive positions to the Palestinians, but the issue of him as a prime minister is an internal British issue and we respect the choice of the British people.

Q: How did Hamas respond to Israeli Occupation attack on Gaza a few days ago?

A: Hamas is a liberation movement that uses all legitimate means to defend the Palestinians, including diplomatic and political means. The Palestinians have the right to resist the occupation in spite the shortage of abilities compared to the Israeli occupation’s weaponry. Resistance is a result of the existence of the occupation. In the last round of Israeli attacks, the Palestinian resistance responded only when the Israeli occupation attacked Palestinians in a graduation ceremony where tens of innocents, leaders and officials attended.

Q: How does Hamas and other factions in Gaza protect the civilians and paramedics during the Great Return March near the Gaza Border?

A: As a party which takes part in organising the Great Return March we exert all our efforts to meet the international demands such as providing information to the ICRC, providing paramedics and journalists with the appropriate distinctive markings and clothing and sticking to the right rules meant for armed struggles. However, all this did not deter the Israeli occupation from targeting and murdering the paramedics and journalists in spite of the distinct marks that prove their peaceful work.

Q: Is the Islamic State likely to establish a caliphate in Palestine?

A: There is no Islamic State organisation in Palestine. Hamas as a national liberation movement which resists the Israeli occupation and the nature of the ruling system to be established on the land of Palestine once the Israeli occupation ends will be left for the Palestinian people to decide.

Q: What methods does Hamas use to convey the conditions in Gaza to the media in other countries?

A: Hamas works through its mass media to address the world through different languages. Hamas has a diverse media machine that keeps up with the modern platforms and the latest media strategies, using the satellite channels, electronic and social media. We succeeded to address many of the world countries through these tools. Hamas is keen to develop all means of communication with the world in order to give them information about what is happening in Palestine and the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians in order to guarantee popular and official and institutional support for the justice of the Palestinian issue.

Q: Why is there no new elections in Gaza?

A: Hamas believes that democracy is a tool for peaceful rotation of power. Hamas practiced this means on the ground, but when it succeeded, the Israeli occupation, backed by the international community, damaged this democratic process. The world has to lift the veto imposed on the Palestinian democracy, respect its results and does not repeat what happened in 2006 to destroy this process and then new elections will be held. The Palestinians have been paying too much for it democratic process in 2006 –when the last free general elections took place in the occupied territories.

Q: Should supporters of Palestine in other countries vote for politicians who are broadly favorable to the Palestinian cause, but imperfectly so?

A: Generally, we do not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. However, we hope that all politicians support Palestine and the Palestinian rights. Like other nations, who love their countries and the supporters of their countries, we love everyone who supports our own country and our rights.

Q: How do you justify rejecting all humanitarian aid when the majority of the population of Gaza lives below the poverty line?

A: We haven't rejected any humanitarian aid coming into Gaza. These false reports have only surfaced in Israeli media to distort our image. The Israeli occupation, for decades, has been blackmailing the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians mainly those in Gaza. Israel, as the occupier, is responsible for the life of civilians based on the international law. However, it is using this policy to push them to surrender and give their basic rights of freedom, dignity and independence.

Q: When will Hamas end the occupation?

A: Hamas is part of the Palestinian people who continue to resist the occupation until it ends. The end of the Israeli occupation is also associated with the support of the just Palestinian cause by the international community and hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes.

Q: Why do you keep firing rockets at Israel? Doesn't it only fuel their propaganda that "Palestinians keep firing rockets; Israel is only defending itself?" Oppressed people under military occupation have the right to resist but is firing ineffective rockets a good strategy?

A: Resistance existed as a result of the Israeli occupation. For decades, the Palestinians asked for help from the world to achieve their rights through peaceful means like negotiations, but the world failed them. As a result they were obliged to stand up and defend themselves. The problem is not in the Palestinian rockets. The world does not want to hear anything about the massive Israeli stockpile of weapons and rockets and would rather pay all its attention to these simple rockets. There is a clear international bias in favour of the Israeli occupation. The world gives a blind eye to the Israeli attacks and weapons which cause much destruction to the Palestinians. However, these simple rockets deterred the Israeli occupation which pushed the Israeli occupation to stop its attacks against us in several occasions.

Q: Do you think there will be a 3rd intifada in the next few months? And what kind of event could trigger it?

A: The Palestinian people are in a continuous struggle with the Israeli occupation. If the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza continues unresolved and the Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque continued, this could lead to a new intifada.

Q: I’m Jewish and I live in the UK, given your charter which allegedly states you wish to eliminate all Jews across the globe. Would I be right in assuming my family and I are targets living here in the lovely UK?

A: This is not true. We, Hamas, stress that our struggle is with the occupation, not the Jews. Through history, Jews lived with the Palestinians in Palestine. We do not differentiate between the identity, religion or ethnicity of the occupier. We have Jewish supporters around the world who have been fighting against the Israeli occupation. The international law gave the occupied the right to use all means to liberate his occupied lands.

Q: How do you decide if a political opponent should be thrown off a building or dragged through the street tied to a motorcycle?

A: These were rejected acts. Hamas officially condemned this. Such cases which happened in Gaza were carried out individually. That happened due to the Israeli attacks on headquarters of Palestinian police and security services that killed more than 500 hundred of them. Hamas formed probe commission on this, Hamas stressed on the political plurality, the freedom of expression and the right to prosecute the perpetrators of these acts whoever they are.

Q: When will you end the internal division?

A: The division is a result of the occupation. We stress that the division harms the Palestinians and their cause and we have been working to end it. The reason is that the international community has denied the results of the free Palestinian elections as they did not endorse the party which won the free elections, but supported those who lost them. Hamas will continue working hard to unify the Palestinian people as this is a strategic choice for us.

Q: Do u really believe Israel when it proposes a ceasefire? Since 2014 Israel has violated countless ceasefires. Why trust them now?

A: We do not trust the Israeli occupation or its promises. However, we always try to find regional and international guarantees to push the occupation to stop its aggression in order to alleviate the suffering of our people. The world has to help us achieve this.

Q: When Israelis respond to attacks why do you hide your arsenals, rockets among civilians, especially children?

A: This is untrue. It is Israeli propaganda to justify killing civilians. Several international parties visited Gaza and probed this issue and proved this false. Many human rights and media reports proved that the Israeli occupation forces intentionally targeted humanitarian and civilian infrastructure, including residential buildings, UN facilities, schools and hospitals without any concrete military justifications.