Hanyia phones senior Lebanese officials to stop clashes in Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp

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The head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismael Hanyia phoned the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon Nabih Berri to discuss with him the clashes that have erupted in Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp.

In turn, Berri promised to intervene, along with the other parties, to settle down this issue.

Later on the same day, Hanyia phoned the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri urging him to control the regrettable clashes in the camp, and al-Hariri pledged to spare no effort to stop what is going on.

The top Hamas leader also phoned the Hamas officials in Lebanon to check on the conditions and wellbeing of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, especially in Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp, extending Hamas’ regards to them.

Hanyia briefed the Hamas leadership on the results of his phone calls with the Lebanese officials and Hamas leaders.

Earlier in this month, violent clashes have broken out in the camp between Hezbollah-backed members of the Ansar Allah Group and the Palestinian movement, Fatah.

The clashes have led to a death toll of 2 Palestinians and almost 22 casualties among the residents of the camp so far.