Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on the Palestinians’ participation in 31st Friday of GRM

26 October, 18

Press Release
Press Release

On the 31st Friday of the Great Return March, the spokesperson of Hamas Fawzi Barhoum stated the following:

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas hails the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip who decisively replied to the Israeli occupation’s threats with steadfastness, sacrifices, and insistence to participate in the Great Return March in spite of the Israeli atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinian people and the peaceful protesters in particular.

Hamas honors all the Palestinian martyrs who passed away defending their homeland throughout the quest of liberating Palestine, especially the victims who were murdered by the Israeli occupation at the Great Return March.  Furthermore, Hamas wishes the wounded at the mass protests a speedy recovery.  

On the 31st Friday of the Return March, Hamas confirms that the Great Return March will continue until achieving all the Palestinians’ demands, above all lifting the crippling siege, despite the Israeli terrorism exercised against the Palestinian peaceful protesters. Our weapon in this mission is our right to justice, dignity, and freedom.