Hamas meets with Islamic Jihad’s leadership, concludes with unified stances

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Hamas Movement met yesterday with the new elected leadership of Islamic Jihad in the Office of Hamas Chief Ismael Hanyia in Gaza.

During the prolonged meeting, many issues were discussed especially the Israeli military escalation against the Gaza Strip and the Israeli forces’ bombardment conducted last week that resulted in the killing of three innocent kids.

The meeting agenda also included developing the peaceful protests along the Gaza borders and the ongoing talks about ceasefire re-enforcement brokered by Egypt to break the 12-year crippling siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation.

At the beginning of the meeting, Hamas Chief Ismael Hanyia extended the movement’s congratulations to the Islamic Jihad for the latest successful internal elections, which resulted in forming a new political bureau for the Palestinian movement.

Hanyia praised the previous Islamic Jihad’s leaderships and chiefs for their enormous efforts to support the Palestinian people and fight off the Israeli occupation’s aggressions.

Furthermore, the two parties thoroughly discussed the dire threats posed to the Palestinian cause, especially those pertaining to the eternal capital of Palestine, Jerusalem, and the normalization of ties with the occupation.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad also highlighted the negative outcomes of holding the Palestinian Central Council without national consensus.

The meeting moved on to discuss the developments in Meih and Meih refugee camp in Lebanon, and the two movements hailed the Palestinian and Lebanese endeavours to contain the situation in the camp.

The two parties had comprehensive consultations on a number of issues concerning the Palestinian people and concluded their meeting with announcing a unified vision for the future.