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Gazans are reaping fruits of steadfastness at Great Return March

07 November, 18

Great Return March
Great Return March

The accomplishments of the Palestinian people seen on the ground are the fruits of their steadfastness and freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Barhom added, “The Palestinian people in Gaza will enjoy the fruits of their steadfastness in their freedom struggle for their legitimate rights, from which they were denied due to the suffocating Israeli siege on the impoverished territory.”

Barhoum’s remarks came after a press conference held by some ministries in the Gaza Strip to announce a series of major developmental projects in order to alleviate the dire economic situation in the besieged enclave.

In the conference, Youssef Ibrahim, spokesperson for Gaza's Social Development Ministry, said that the ministry is going to pay 700 shekels ($190) to around 5,000 families who have a family member killed or seriously injured during the violent Israeli crackdown on the peaceful Palestinian protesters at the Great Return March.

He noted that an extra $100 would be paid to around 50,000 needy families.

The Labour Ministry also declared launching new projects in the coming few days to provide 10,000 temporary job opportunities to graduates and the unemployed people.

Moreover, Gaza's Finance Ministry is going to pay its civil servants 60 percent of their July salaries, director-general of Finance Ministry, Yusuf Al-Kayali, said Tuesday evening.