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Hanyia visits captains of ‘Second Freedom Flotilla’ released from Israeli jails

08 November, 18

Isamil Hanyia with Khalid and Mohammad al-Hisi
Isamil Hanyia with Khalid and Mohammad al-Hisi

The head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Hanyia visited the captains of  the ‘Second Freedom Flotilla’ Khalid al-Hisi and his brother Mohammed.

The Israeli Navy had intercepted a vessel carrying 17 student activists and Palestinians injured during the recent Great March of Return protests who were heading outside the beleaguered Gaza Strip in a bid to break the crippling siege imposed on the enclave since 2006..

The Israeli occupation forces had arrested all the activists on board the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ vessel and then released them several hours afterwards except for the boat’s captains who were detained for four months in the Israeli jails.


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