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Press release on Palestinian great participation in 34th Friday of GRM

16 November, 18

Press Release
Press Release

Commenting on the Palestinian massive participation in the 34rd Friday of the peaceful protests along the Gaza borders, the spokesperson of Hamas stated the following:

The massive participation in 34rd Friday of the Great Return March, dubbed as “Normalization Is a Crime”, in spite of all the Israeli occupation’s threats against the Palestinians highlights that the Palestine people are determined to continue their freedom struggle against the occupation until lifting the siege and enjoying their unalienable rights to freedom and dignity.

Our people who are armed with their awareness, resistance, and popular support are capable of foiling the Israeli schemes aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

All free people of the world, especially Islamic and Arab countries, are required to fulfil their duty and support the Palestinian people. The most important thing they have to do is rejecting and criminalizing all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Fawzi Barhoum

Hamas spokesperson

Friday, November 16, 2018  


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