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Hamas leaders, MPs visit Palestinians wounded at GRM in Cairo hospital

26 November, 18

A delegation from Hamas Political Bureau and the Palestinian Legislative Council visited a number of the Palestinians wounded during the violent Israeli crackdown on the Great March of Return.

The wounded, receiving medical treatment at Cairo’s Nasser Hospital, expressed their heartfelt thanks to Hamas for supporting the Palestinians injured during their participation in the Great March of Return, especially those receiving medical care at Egyptian hospitals.

Hamas has pledged before to stand with the families of persons who have sustained injuries at the popular mass protests held along the Gaza borders.

The peaceful protests, which broke out last March to demand the implementation of the UN 194 resolution and lifting the siege, were met with excessive and lethal violence by the Israeli occupation forces.

The Israeli snipers and soldiers deployed along the Gaza separation fence used explosive bullets to disperse the Palestinian peaceful protesters, which has resulted in many critical injuries and amputations among the protesters.

Because the medical sector in Gaza is deteriorated due to the 12-year Israeli siege, many Palestinians injured at the march were hospitalized into the Egyptian hospitals.

Hamas has lauded Egypt for its enormous support to and solidarity with the Palestinian people, including providing medical care to the injured Palestinians.