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Delegation from PLC arrives in South Africa

30 November, 18

A delegation from the Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) arrived in South Africa on Wednesday.

Headed by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahhar, the delegation, including MPs from Change and Reform Bloc Dr. Nabil Abu-Ras, Muhammad Faraj al-Ghul, and Musheer al-Masri,  visited South Africa upon the invitation of African National Congress.

The Palestinian parliamentarians were received by the Secretary of the International Relations and Cooperation in the Parliament of South Africa and they are expected to hold meetings with the President of the African National Congress, the African political parties, NGOs, and other institutions.

The visit aims at mobilizing international support for the Palestinian people, highlighting the deteriorating dire humanitarian conditions the Palestinians have been enduring due to the occupation and siege, and briefing the South African officials on the latest developments of the Palestinian cause.

Last week, the parliamentary delegation embarked on an international tour that was planned to enhance ties with many countries around the world.

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